Sunday, March 27, 2016

Truro Cellars Rose

Truro Cellars Lighthouse Series Rose

A small personal story/rant if I might?

When I was working as the Director of a large wine division one thing that used to set me off was the reading newspaper reviews of wines not in the market where the paper was sold.  (If you read The Daily Sun you know what I am talking about the wines are rarely if ever available around the Villages.)  Now let me qualify that.  The man who wrote for our local paper was and still is a genius.  He today has an extremely successful wine blog called Bigger than your head.  I highly suggest you frequent this site it is so educational and funny as well.  But I digress.

 When Fredric would write about samples he received that were not in our market and give them a rave review the calls would start.

The Wine Shop owner: Where can I get this wine? 
Me:  It’s not in our market! 
The Wine Shop owner: What? It was in the paper today!!! 
Me. I know that column is printed in 40 newspapers!  It is available in some of those markets and some not, we are the some not!!! And the conversations would go south from there.

I spoke to Fredric about this one time and he explained it perfectly to me and I never really got upset after the conversation.  He explained he had to think of all of his markets not just Memphis.  He told me that his column had to be relevant in all of his papers and the wine people of Memphis did travel and when he recommended a wine not here they in their travels could find that wine in a market where the wine was available and bring it back home to enjoy. Makes sense after he educated me on his process.  And this was not the only time I was educated by him.  He is such a nice guy.  I grew to call him a friend which made me proud. 

That leads me to the wine of the day.  A wonderful rose from Cape Cod!  Yep Cape Cod.  Truro Cellars the wine is 92% Cayuga and 8% Cab Franc.  A real quaffer for sure.  Strawberries hints in the nose and on the palate make this one a keeper for sure. Semi sweet with a light acid component to help the finish we enjoyed this bottle before dinner and all agreed it was a nice wine to start the evening with.  The Lighthouse bottle we believe can be returned to the winery for a small deposit return.  This one will never see that as it now will be our Olive Oil container!

Truro Cellars Rose good if you can get it!

The Villages Wino gives the Truro Cellars ★★★☆☆

 If you make it to Cape Cod buy a bunch and bring back one for The Villages Wino!!!

Truro Vineyards
PO Box 834
11 Shore Road (Route 6A)
North Truro, MA 02652
Phone: (508)487-6200


The Villages Wino

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