Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hemingway's @ Havana Country Club

I have been hearing that the new owners of Hemingway’s have really raised the dining bar here in The Villages.  Well we had a chance to eat there last night after our Saturday couples golf outing and I am here to tell you the rumors are absolutely true!  What a meal!!!

We were sat right away and our Server Victor was right there.  He explained all of the specials and took Drink orders as we browsed the menu. One of the appetizers’s caught my eye.  I love escargot.  But this was so different I had to give it a try it was flash fried, served with flash fried spinach, and dressed with a Myer lemon sriracha sauce.  It arrives and I am blown away the bowl is filled with fried spinach and the snails are under that the dish is slightly warm a perfect temperature.  It was beyond delicious the snails were perfectly cooked nice and crispy.  The greens wonderfully crunchy and the dressing was simply out of bounds.  A prefect escargot dish in my mind.  My wife gets a beet salad that has this spicy dressing and wonderfully loaded with sweet beets and lots of goodies.  The entrees come. 

The Wife gets the Hawaii Tuna Poke.  A nice size portion for her and perfectly done.  The Tuna was rare, spicy, and delicious.  I get the bone in pork chop.  I was impressed they asked for a temperature on my chop.  I asked for medium, the server confirmed that meant a warm pink center, I agreed and that is exactly how it arrived. The chop came with greens beans Al Dente almost too much, but ok.  Also came with this wonderful mango cherry cobbler than was a perfect accompaniment to the sweet chop.  An entrĂ©e that needs to be mentioned is the one our golfing partners got. Shrimp and Grits, my goodness what a dish.; Cheese grits fired under the broiler then large shrimp ringing the plate with a chorizo sausage ragout in the middle of it all.  WOW is all I can say. 
A nice wine list is offered. We had friends eating with us that brought a bottle and were charged a $15 corkage fee.

Now this meal was not inexpensive.  For the two of us it was over $100 which is very expensive for The Villages.  But if you are looking for that white table cloth experience without the drive to Ocala or Orlando this is it.

The Village Wino gives Hemingway’s ★★★★☆


2484 Odell Circle, The Villages, FL 32162