Saturday, June 29, 2013


The intention of this blog is to fill a void I have found in America’s Friendliest Hometown, The Villages Florida.  I moved here about a year ago to take my current job as National Sales Manager for Maison Riviere. I have been in the wine business for the past 22 years from retail, wholesale, and now as a supplier.  I love wine and believe there are other “Villagers” who do as well.  There are almost one hundred thousand people here. There has to be more like me.  I love wine and it doesn't have to be expensive to qualify.  It just has to be good.  So there is the main focus of this blog.  I will only review wines available to us here.  Either from Garvino's, Publix, Winn-Dixie, ABC, Sam’s, Costco (I go once a month to Altamonte Springs), or the local restaurants.  We have a wine column in the local paper the Daily Sun. However, it is seldom about wines we can purchase locally.  That has always been a frustration to me.  Why write about something that your readers can’t get?  All of the wines reviewed will be purchased by me locally.  The prices quoted will be what I paid, not a national average.  I hope you find some of the wines worthy of your hard earned money.  If you disagree then please feel free to say so.  I will tell you right here I am not a big sweet wine guy.  I like more traditional wines.  That doesn't mean you won't find a few wines here that might fit the sweet lovers but we will just see.  I am trying to buy things I have never had since I love trying new wines. Each wine will be described as best I can in normal terms.  No river rocks, brambles, or fruit that no one has ever eaten before.  I am a culinary school educated chef.  Most of my descriptors will be food related because it seems easier for me. Hope you enjoy this new adventure with me. 

A little about my wine experience.  I have over thirty years at all three tiers of the wine industry.  From retail clerk, division manger of the second, now the first, largest wholesaler in Memphis TN to national sales manger as stated above.  I have had  life long love affair with all things wine.  I hope you enjoy the blog.

So here we go and thanks for stopping by.  I will try to post one wine a week at first then move to maybe 2 a week if time allows.


Big Mike