Monday, March 21, 2016

Chateau Cote Nord

Chateau Cote Nord Chardonnay

WOW what a wine!!  We picked this up at Aldi because it’s made by Francis Ford Coppla Winery, and the descriptor used on the label.  The $6.99 price kind of scared us but we weren’t gambling a lot so what the hey!!

The coloros bright and yelowish.  The nose is tropical with pineapple, pear and vanilla.  The taste is rich and round pineapple, vanilla, melon and a bit of sweet citrus.  Good acidity on the end to leave you wanting another sip.  This wine for the money is a powerhouse.  It drinks like wines costing upwards of fifteen dollars. This one is a buy by the case recommendation

The Villages Wino gives Chateay Cote Nord   ★★★☆

The only place I have seen this wine is at Aldi for $6.99


The Villages Wino

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